Netsync Hosted Voice Mobility

Now Your Business Phone Works On Your Smart Phone

Mobility is an increasingly important aspect of business in today’s world.  Businesses are looking to improve efficiency and productivity while working across a more geographically diverse and ever increasing mobile environment. It is no longer enough to choose a single mobility application.  An all-inclusive Unified Communications experience should be available to mobile as well as remote users.

Mobility integrated with Hosted Unified Communications

One of the greatest benefits of Netsync Voice is giving your employees the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere, on any device. Netsync Voice provides the seamless integrated mobility to keep employees connected. This is about a lot more than an increase in employee productivity; this means improved customer satisfaction, increased sales and, ultimately, a very positive impact on your bottom line.

Smartphone Integration on Any Device

No longer does business have to be tethered to a desk. Netsync Mobility lets your mobile workforce stay connected and collaborate on desk phones, on smartphones and on a laptops – regardless of their physical location. Our software can be downloaded to both your smartphone and desktop so you can make calls from either using your work number or extension, access contacts and even share files with coworkers.

IM and Presence

Netsync Mobility goes beyond voice, giving you multiple ways to communicate with your coworkers. Netsync Mobility makes communication easy by automatically populating your contacts. Then, with just a click on your mobile device or laptop, you can initiate a chat with one person or a group, even if you’re on the phone with someone else. And Netsync Mobility lets you see, at a glance, which of your coworkers is available, away or busy, and lets you easily set your own status.

Business Continuity

Whether due to a power failure or natural disaster, closing your business, even a few days, could destroy your business. Netsync Mobility provides the ability for every phone and device to work as a business phone, even if your entire office system goes down or is not available. You can continue to make calls from your mobile device or desktop while away. Settings like Call Forwarding can still be changed with Netsync Mobility, so no inbound calls are missed. Your customers – and your bottom line – will never know the difference.