About Netsync IT Services

What began as a dial-up Internet division has progressed into a full-scale Information Technology Services wing of DFT Communications. We work hand-in-hand with on a business or residential level as your own personal IT company. So whether you need simple Wi-Fi upgrades, or a comprehensive IT management contract, look no further than Netsync IT Services. Residential customers can rest easy knowing Netsync IT staff is there to help when their digital technology isn’t working the way it should. With services like Managed Wi-Fi to keep your home wireless running smoothly, we take the hassle out of maintaining your tech.

Business Services

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Your ISP has provided you with a robust pipe of bandwidth and has installed a wireless modem or router, which should blanket your office with a wireless signal and allow your employees to be more mobile and efficient, right? Not necessarily.

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IT Management

Navigating the state of Information Technology has become more complex and difficult to understand for many small business owners. We are all aware that technology is changing quickly and we have learned to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive. But, we also understand the need to be mindful of and vigilant towards growing security risks.

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Residential Services

Managed Wi-Fi

Is the Wi-Fi signal in one room of your home weaker than the others? Do you want a stronger, more reliable home Wi-Fi network?

With Managed Wi-Fi from Netsync®, you can get more out of your high-speed internet.

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Computer Repair

Need help setting up a new system? Need a virus or spyware removed? We can help.


Computer Repair Services are a premier service for existing DFT Communications customers.

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