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Tax Season: Big Game Phishing

Like death and taxes, email scams like phishing are here to stay--especially during tax season. During the dark days leading up to April 15th, people are stressed out. They procrastinate...

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Is Your Data Safe? New Trends to Watch Out For

Contributed Article StatePoint   Keeping data secure is becoming more challenging, as the methods employed by cybercriminals grow more sophisticated every year.   Globally, cyberattacks were up in 2018 over the previous year, according to...

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Alexander Graham Bell

Happy Alexander Graham Bell Day!

Happy Alexander Graham Bell Day!   Today, we remember the accomplishments made by Scottish-born scientist, inventor, and engineer Alexander Graham Bell. Bell was granted the patent for the telephone on March 7,...

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Security 101: What is Phishing?

Security 101: Phishing Awareness

A letter from a secret admirer? A note from your bank about your account? An email from your boss asking for help? An email you don’t recognize or weren’t expecting...

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