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Residential Wi-Fi Solutions

Someone once said, “Ignorance is bliss.” We beg to differ. We believe knowledge is power. There are hundreds of tips and quick tricks our experts at DFT Communications and Netsync® have picked up over years of experience that you can put into practice to make sure you’re getting the best, all the time.

Speed isn’t your problem, Wi-Fi is.


Too many devices, or a centrally located router, often can plague today’s Wi-Fi saturated home.

A Wi-Fi assessment will provide you with a report to detail where your Wi-Fi is lacking, and an action plan of how to improve your broadband experience in every corner of your home, on every device you need.

Wi-Fi Assessments

$ 69.95 One-time Payment

No Existing Wi-Fi: Includes premises visit, consultation & proposal for a package to add Wi-Fi. Proposal would include upgrade of modem to the VR3033U or VR3060U, addition of hardwired access points if necessary, recommendation to hard wire certain devices to improve streaming experience, powerline adapters to extend service, etc.

Existing Wi-Fi: Includes heat map of current coverage, identification of possible interferers and proposal to enhance Wi-Fi service. Proposal could include any or all of the following; relocation of existing Wi-Fi router to improve coverage, upgrade of existing router to 802.11 AC dual band radio, addition of hardwired access points, recommendation to hard wire certain devices to improve streaming experience, powerline adapters to extend service, etc.

Service Enhancer Packages

Choose from one of our Wi-Fi Enhancing Packages to improve your home Wi-Fi signal.

All Packages Include:

Comtrend VR-3060u dual band Wi-Fi router, hardwire installation in central location of household, sync services to existing devices. Lease with install $6.99 mo. & $59.95 install

Hardwire of streaming devices for better user experience.

New category 5 drop & jack $90.00 each,

cross connect of existing category 5 or 6 wire $30.00 per drop

Installation of additional wireless access point hardwired to router/modem with local power or POE injector.
Ceiling mount PC-1200C – installed $200.00 (dual band, high power {400mw}, 802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO)
Wall mount PC-1750W – installed $275.00 (dual band, high power {560mw}, 802.11ac, 3×3 MIMO)
*Installation rates assume typical balloon frame construction; higher charges may apply for non-typical installations
*Reception cannot be guaranteed as conditions can change. Interference from other wireless devices such as cordless phones and baby monitors can impact performance

Home Network Support (North County)
Broadband provider – DFT
Hours 8:00 – 5:00, Monday – Friday
Remote – 1-5 devices $9.95 mo., 6-10 devices $14.95 mo., 10 + devices $19.95 (20 device cap), $29.95 startup fee (list of devices supplied by customer), includes support of wired & wireless devices, annual pre pay discount – 10%.
Premises visit – $75 1st half hour, then ¼ hour increments $75 per hr.

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